[May 2018] Bigbass
Welcome all! I'll be releasing the site this month. We recently added tecksup to the Jam Staff. He has been quite helpful for me during the development of this site. Thank you very much.

If anyone encounters any problems with the site, please contact me. Thanks!

[March 2018] Bigbass
This site has been designed to be semi-automated in that the theme management and project entry systems are completely automatic, leaving management only the requirement to create the Jams in advance (the dates in which each phase happens: theme submission, voting, entry creation).

You are required to login through Discord, and be a member of the LibGDX Discord server in order to submit themes and vote on them, and to submit projects for the Jam. I decided to use Discord's OAuth2 system to securely authenticate everyone, as it is more secure than handling accounts myself, as well as enabling an easier login-flow for the end user.

The Theme page will automatically change between each phase of the Jam, and a timer will be displayed to note the remaining time.

[March 2018] Bigbass
I just want to take some time to say thank you to those who made this site possible.

John (ServerAdmin of the LibGDX Discord) and the original LudumDare site were major sources of inspiration for me while I was building the site and specifically the Entry listing. John also built and maintained the first site on Github pages while I was developing this site in the background, during the first two jams. He worked hard to keep the site, and especially the voting system working so that the Jams could take place. So thank you again John for your work.

Next, I wish to thank Tann bird (Admin on the Discord) for helping me test parts of this site during the development process. It was indeed a great help for me, and allowed me to get a second opinion of how the site looked/felt.

Finally, thank you to all who develop and use LibGDX, for it is an amazing and powerful library, built for a great language.